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Jeremiah 5:27


Like a cage filled with the birds that have been caught, 1  their houses are filled with the gains of their fraud and deceit. 2  That is how they have gotten so rich and powerful. 3 


Pr 1:11-13; Ho 12:7,8; Am 8:4-6; Mic 1:12; Mic 6:10,11; Hab 2:9-11; Re 18:2

NET © Notes

tn The words, “that have been caught” are not in the text but are implicit in the comparison.

tn Heb “are filled with deceit.” The translation assumes a figure of speech of cause for effect (metonymy). Compare the same word in the same figure in Zeph 1:9.

tn Heb “therefore they have gotten great and rich.”

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