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Jeremiah 49:2


Because you did that, I, the Lord, affirm that 1  a time is coming when I will make Rabbah, the capital city of Ammon, hear the sound of the battle cry. It will become a mound covered with ruins. 2  Its villages will be burned to the ground. 3  Then Israel will take back its land from those who took their land from them. I, the Lord, affirm it! 4 


Nu 21:25; De 3:11; Jos 13:24,25; 2Sa 11:1; 2Sa 12:27-29; Ps 48:11; Ps 97:8; Isa 14:1-3; Jer 4:19; Jer 49:1; Eze 16:46-55; Eze 21:20; Eze 25:4-6; Am 1:14; Ob 1:19

NET © Notes

tn Heb “oracle of the Lord.”

tn Heb “a desolate tel.” For the explanation of what a “tel” is see the study note on 30:18.

tn Heb “Its daughters will be burned with fire.” For the use of the word “daughters” to refer to the villages surrounding a larger city see BDB 123 s.v. I בַּת 4 and compare the usage in Judg 1:27.

tn Heb “says the Lord.” The first person is used to maintain the first person address throughout.

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