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Jeremiah 48:41


Her towns 1  will be captured. Her fortresses will be taken. At that time the soldiers of Moab will be frightened like a woman in labor. 2 


Isa 13:8; Isa 21:3; Isa 26:17,18; Jer 4:31; Jer 6:24; Jer 30:6; Jer 48:24; Jer 49:22,24; Jer 50:43; Jer 51:30; Mic 4:9,10; 1Th 5:3

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tn Parallelism argues that the word קְרִיּוֹת (qÿriyyot) be understood as the otherwise unattested feminine plural of the noun קִרְיָה (qiryah, “city”) rather than the place name Kerioth mentioned in v. 24 (cf. HALOT 1065 s.v. קִרְיָה). Both this noun and the parallel term “fortresses” are plural but are found with feminine singular verbs, being treated either as collectives or distributive plurals (cf. GKC 462-63 §145.c or 464 §145.l).

tn Heb “The heart of the soldiers of Moab will be like the heart of a woman in labor.”

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