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Jeremiah 48:33


Joy and gladness will disappear from the fruitful land of Moab. 1  I will stop the flow of wine from the winepresses. No one will stomp on the grapes there and shout for joy. 2  The shouts there will be shouts of soldiers, not the shouts of those making wine. 3 


Isa 5:10; Isa 7:23; Isa 9:3; Isa 16:9; Isa 16:10; Isa 24:7-12; Isa 32:9-14; Jer 25:9,10; Joe 1:5,12,13; Joe 1:12,16; Hag 2:16; Re 18:22,23

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tn Heb “from the garden land, even from the land of Moab.” Comparison with the parallel passage in Isa 16:10 and the translation of the Greek text here (which has only “the land of Moab”) suggest that the second phrase is appositional to the first.

tn Heb “no one will tread [the grapes] with shout of joy.”

tn Heb “shouts will not be shouts.” The text has been expanded contextually to explain that the shouts of those treading grapes in winepresses will come to an end (v. 33a-d) and be replaced by the shouts of the soldiers who trample down the vineyards (v. 32e-f). Compare 25:30 and 51:41 for the idea.

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