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Jeremiah 48:18


Come down from your place of honor; sit on the dry ground, 1  you who live in Dibon. 2  For the one who will destroy Moab will attack you; he will destroy your fortifications.


Ge 21:16; Ex 17:3; Nu 21:30; Nu 32:3; Jos 13:17; Jud 15:18; Isa 5:13; Isa 15:2; Isa 47:1; Jer 46:18,19; Jer 48:8; Jer 48:22; Eze 19:13

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tn Heb “sit in thirst.” The abstract “thirst” is put for the concrete, i.e., thirsty or parched ground (cf. Deut 8:19; Isa 35:7; Ps 107:33) for the concrete. There is no need to emend to “filth” (צֹאָה [tsoah] for צָמָא [tsama’]) as is sometimes suggested.

tn Heb “inhabitant of Daughter Dibon.” “Daughter” is used here as often in Jeremiah for the personification of a city, a country, or its inhabitants. The word “inhabitant” is to be understood as a collective as also in v. 19.

sn Dibon was an important fortified city located on the “King’s Highway,” the main north-south road in Transjordan. It was the site at which the Moabite Stone was found in 1868 and was one of the cities mentioned on it. It was four miles north of the Arnon River and thirteen miles east of the Dead Sea. It was one of the main cities on the northern plateau and had been conquered from Sihon and allotted to the tribe of Reuben (Josh 13:17).

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