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Jeremiah 4:18


“The way you have lived and the things you have done 1  will bring this on you. This is the punishment you deserve, and it will be painful indeed. 2  The pain will be so bad it will pierce your heart.” 3 


Job 20:5-16; Ps 107:17; Pr 1:31; Pr 5:22; Isa 50:1; Jer 2:17,19; Jer 4:10; Jer 5:19; Jer 6:19; Jer 26:19

NET © Notes

tn Heb “Your way and your deeds.”

tn Heb “How bitter!”

tn Heb “Indeed, it reaches to your heart.” The subject must be the pain alluded to in the last half of the preceding line; the verb is masculine, agreeing with the adjective translated “painful.” The only other possible antecedent “punishment” is feminine.

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