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Jeremiah 36:5


Then Jeremiah told Baruch, “I am no longer allowed to go 1  into the Lord’s temple.


Jer 20:2; Jer 32:2; Jer 33:1; Jer 37:15; Jer 38:6,28; Jer 40:4; 2Co 11:23; Eph 3:1; Eph 6:20; 2Ti 2:9; Heb 11:36

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tn Heb “I am restrained; I cannot go into.” The word “restrained” is used elsewhere in Jeremiah of his being confined to the courtyard of the guardhouse (33:1; 39:15). However, that occurred only later during the tenth year of Zedekiah (Jer 32:1-2) and Jeremiah appears here to be free to come and go as he pleased (vv. 19, 26). The word is used in the active voice of the Lord preventing Sarah from having a baby (Gen 16:2). The probable nuance is here “I am prevented/ debarred” from being able to go. No reason is given why he was prevented/debarred. It has been plausibly suggested that he was prohibited from going into the temple any longer because of the scathing sermon he delivered there earlier (Jer 26:1-3; 7:1-15).

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