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Jeremiah 35:7


Do not build houses. Do not plant crops. Do not plant a vineyard or own one. 1  Live in tents all your lives. If you do these things you will 2  live a long time in the land that you wander about on.’ 3 


Ge 25:27; Le 23:42,43; Ne 8:14-16; Jer 35:10; Eph 5:18; Heb 11:9-13; 1Pe 2:11

NET © Notes

tn Heb “Don’t plant a vineyard and it shall not be to you [= and you shall/must not have one].”

tn Heb “Don’t…and don’t…but live…in order that you might….”

sn Heb “where you are sojourning.” The terms “sojourn” and “sojourner” referred to a person who resided in a country not his own, without the rights and privileges of citizenship as a member of a nation, state, or principality. In the ancient Near East such people were dependent on the laws of hospitality rather than the laws of state for protection and provision of legal rights. Perhaps the best illustration of this is Abraham who “sojourned” among the Philistines and the Hittites in Canaan and was dependent upon them for grazing and water rights and for a place to bury his wife (cf. Gen 20-24). What is described here is the typical lifestyle of a nomadic tribe.

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