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Jeremiah 34:3


You yourself will not escape his clutches, but will certainly be captured and handed over to him. You must confront the king of Babylon face to face and answer to him personally. 1  Then you must go to Babylon.


2Ki 25:4,5; 2Ki 25:6,7; Jer 21:7; Jer 32:4; Jer 34:21; Jer 37:17; Jer 38:18; Jer 39:4,5; Jer 39:6,7; Jer 52:7-9; Jer 52:10,11; Eze 12:13; Eze 17:18-20; Eze 21:25

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tn Heb “Your eyes will see the eyes of the king of Babylon and his mouth will speak with your mouth.” For this same idiom in reverse order see 32:4 and consult the translator’s note there for the obligatory nuance given to the verbs.

sn For the fulfillment of this see Jer 52:7-11.

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