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Jeremiah 33:7


I will restore Judah and Israel 1  and will rebuild them as they were in days of old. 2 


Ps 14:7; Ps 85:1; Ps 126:1,4; Isa 1:26; Isa 11:12-16; Jer 23:3; Jer 24:6; Jer 29:14; Jer 30:3; Jer 30:20; Jer 31:4,28; Jer 32:44; Jer 33:11,26; Jer 42:10; Ho 2:15; Am 9:14,15; Mic 7:14,15; Zep 3:20; Zec 1:17

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tn Heb “I will reverse [or restore] the fortunes of Judah and the fortunes of Israel.” For this idiom see the translator’s note on Jer 29:14 and see the usage in 30:3, 18; 31:23; 32:44.

tn This phrase simply means “as formerly” (BDB 911 s.v. רִאשׁוֹן 3.a). The reference to the “as formerly” must be established from the context. See the usage in Judg 20:32; 1 Kgs 13:6; Isa 1:26.

sn Reference is to the reunification of Israel and Judah to the state that they were before the division after Solomon. Compare Jer 3:18; 30:3; 31:27 and see the study note on 30:3.

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