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Jeremiah 3:2


“Look up at the hilltops and consider this. 1  You have had sex with other gods on every one of them. 2  You waited for those gods like a thief lying in wait in the desert. 3  You defiled the land by your wicked prostitution to other gods. 4 


Ge 38:14; De 12:2; 1Ki 11:3; 2Ki 23:13; Pr 7:11; Pr 23:28; Jer 2:7; Jer 2:20; Jer 2:23; Jer 3:1,9; Eze 8:4-6; Eze 16:16,24,25; Eze 16:24,25; Eze 20:28; Lu 16:23

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tn Heb “and see.”

tn Heb “Where have you not been ravished?” The rhetorical question expects the answer “nowhere,” which suggests she has engaged in the worship of pagan gods on every one of the hilltops.

tn Heb “You sat for them [the lovers, i.e., the foreign gods] beside the road like an Arab in the desert.”

tn Heb “by your prostitution and your wickedness.” This is probably an example of hendiadys where, when two nouns are joined by “and,” one expresses the main idea and the other qualifies it.

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