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Jeremiah 29:16


But just listen to what the Lord has to say about 1  the king who occupies David’s throne and all your fellow countrymen who are still living in this city of Jerusalem 2  and were not carried off into exile with you.


Jer 24:2; Jer 29:3; Jer 38:2,3,17-23; Eze 6:1-9:11; Eze 17:12-21; Eze 21:9-27; Eze 22:31; Eze 24:1-14

NET © Notes

tn Heb “But thus says the Lord about.” The words “just listen to what” are supplied in the translation to help show the connection with the preceding.

sn Jeremiah answers their claims that the Lord has raised up prophets to encourage them that their stay will be short by referring to the Lord’s promise that the Lord’s plans are not for restoration but for further destruction.

tn The words “of Jerusalem” are not in the text but are supplied in the translation to identify the referent and avoid the possible confusion that “this city” refers to Babylon.

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