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Jeremiah 27:18


I also told them, 1  “If they are really prophets and the Lord is speaking to them, 2  let them pray earnestly to the Lord who rules over all. 3  Let them plead with him not to let the valuable articles that are still left in the Lord’s temple, in the royal palace, and in Jerusalem be taken away 4  to Babylon.


Ge 18:24-33; Ge 20:17; 1Sa 7:8; 1Sa 12:19,23; 1Ki 18:24,26; 2Ch 32:20; Job 42:8,9; Jer 7:16; Jer 15:1; Jer 18:20; Jer 42:2; Eze 14:14,18-20; Eze 22:30; Mal 1:9; Jas 5:16-18

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tn The words “I also told them” are not in the text, but it is obvious from the fact that the Lord is spoken about in the third person in vv. 18, 19, 21 that he is not the speaker. This is part of Jeremiah’s own speech to the priests and the people (v. 16). These words are supplied in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “the word of the Lord is with them.”

tn Heb “Yahweh of armies.”

sn For the significance of this title see the study note on 2:19.

tn Heb “…speaking to them, let them entreat the Lord…so that the valuable articles…will not go to Babylon.” The long original sentence has been broken up for the sake of English style.

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