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Jeremiah 27:12


I told King Zedekiah of Judah the same thing. I said, 1  “Submit 2  to the yoke of servitude to 3  the king of Babylon. Be subject to him and his people. Then you will continue to live.


2Ch 36:11-13; Pr 1:33; Jer 27:2,8; Jer 27:3; Jer 28:1; Jer 38:17; Eze 17:11-21

NET © Notes

tn Heb “I spoke to Zedekiah…according to all these words, saying.”

sn The verbs in this verse are all plural. They are addressed to Zedekiah and his royal advisers (compare 22:2).

tn Heb “put their necks in the yoke of.” See the study note on v. 2 for the figure.

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