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Jeremiah 26:4


Tell them that the Lord says, 1  ‘You must obey me! You must live according to the way I have instructed you in my laws. 2 


Le 26:14-46; De 4:8,44; De 11:32; De 28:15-68; De 29:18-28; De 31:16-18,20; De 32:15-25; Jos 23:15,16; 1Ki 9:6; 2Ch 7:19,20; Ne 9:26-30; Isa 1:20; Isa 42:23-25; Jer 44:10; Heb 6:18

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tn Heb “thus says the Lord, ‘…’.” The use of the indirect quotation in the translation eliminates one level of embedded quotation to avoid confusion.

tn Heb “by walking in my law which I set before you.”

sn Examples of those laws are found in Jer 7:5-6, 9. The law was summarized or epitomized in the ten commandments which are called the “words of the covenant” in Exod 34:28, but it contained much more. However, when Israel is taken to task by God, it often relates to their failure to live up to the standards of the ten commandments (Heb “the ten words”; see Hos 4:1-3; Jer 7:9).

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