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Jeremiah 25:6


Do not pay allegiance to 1  other gods and worship and serve them. Do not make me angry by the things that you do. 2  Then I will not cause you any harm.’


Ex 20:3,23; De 6:14; De 8:19; De 13:2; De 28:14; Jos 24:20; 1Ki 11:4-10; 1Ki 14:22; 2Ki 17:35; Jer 7:6,9; Jer 35:15

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tn Heb “follow after.” See the translator’s note on 2:5 for this idiom.

tn Heb “make me angry with the work of your hands.” The term “work of your own hands” is often interpreted as a reference to idolatry as is clearly the case in Isa 2:8; 37:19. However, the parallelism in 25:14 and the context in 32:30 show that it is more general and refers to what they have done. That is likely the meaning here as well.

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