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Jeremiah 25:14


For many nations and great kings will make slaves of the king of Babylon and his nation 1  too. I will repay them for all they have done!’” 2 


Ps 137:8; Isa 14:2; Isa 45:1-3; Isa 66:6; Jer 27:7; Jer 50:9,41; Jer 50:29-34; Jer 51:6,27,28; Jer 51:6,20-27,35-41; Da 5:28; Hab 2:8-16; Re 18:20-24

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tn Heb “make slaves of them.” The verb form here indicates that the action is as good as done (the Hebrew prophetic perfect). For the use of the verb rendered “makes slaves” see parallel usage in Lev 25:39, 46 (cf. BDB 713 s.v. עָבַד 3).

tn Heb “according to their deeds and according to the work of their hands.” The two phrases are synonymous; it would be hard to represent them both in translation without being redundant. The translation attempts to represent them by the qualifier “all” before the first phrase.

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