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Jeremiah 23:11


Moreover, 1  the Lord says, 2  “Both the prophets and priests are godless. I have even found them doing evil in my temple!


2Ch 33:5,7; 2Ch 36:14; Jer 5:31; Jer 6:13; Jer 7:10,11,30; Jer 8:10; Jer 11:15; Jer 23:15; Jer 32:34; Eze 7:20; Eze 8:5,6,11,16; Eze 22:25,26; Eze 23:39; Zep 3:4; Mt 21:12,13

NET © Notes

tn The particle כִּי (ki) which begins this verse is parallel to the one at the beginning of the preceding verse. However, the connection is too distant to render it “for.” “Moreover” is intended to draw the parallel. The words “the Lord says” (Heb “Oracle of the Lord”) have been drawn up to the front to introduce the shift in speaker from Jeremiah, who describes his agitated state, to God, who describes the sins of the prophets and priests and his consequent judgment on them.

tn Heb “Oracle of the Lord.”

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