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Jeremiah 22:7


I will send men against it to destroy it 1  with their axes and hatchets. They will hack up its fine cedar panels and columns and throw them into the fire.


Isa 10:3-7; Isa 10:33,34; Isa 13:3-5; Isa 27:10,11; Isa 37:24; Isa 54:16,17; Jer 4:6,7; Jer 5:15; Jer 21:14; Jer 50:20-23; Eze 9:1-7; Zec 11:1; Mt 22:7

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sn Heb “I will sanctify destroyers against it.” If this is not an attenuated use of the term “sanctify” the traditions of Israel’s holy wars are being turned against her. See also 6:4. In Israel’s early wars in the wilderness and in the conquest, the Lord fought for her against the enemies (cf., e.g., Josh 10:11, 14, 42; 24:7; Judg 5:20; 1 Sam 7:10). Now he is going to fight against them (21:5, 13) and use the enemy as his instruments of destruction. For a similar picture of destruction in the temple see the lament in Ps 74:3-7.

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