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Jeremiah 21:10


For I, the Lord, say that 1  I am determined not to deliver this city but to bring disaster on it. 2  It will be handed over to the king of Babylon and he will destroy it with fire.’” 3 


Le 17:10; Le 20:3-5; Le 26:17; 2Ch 36:19; Ps 34:16; Jer 17:27; Jer 26:6; Jer 32:28-31; Jer 34:2,22; Jer 37:8-10; Jer 38:3,18,23; Jer 39:8; Jer 44:11,27; Jer 52:13; Eze 15:7; Am 9:4; Zec 1:6

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tn Heb “oracle of the Lord.”

tn Heb “I have set my face against this city for evil [i.e., disaster] and not for good [i.e., well-being].” For the use of the idiom “set one’s face against/toward” see, e.g., usage in 1 Kgs 2:15; 2 Kgs 2:17; Jer 42:15, 17 and note the interesting interplay of usage in Jer 44:11-12.

tn Heb “he will burn it with fire.”

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