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Jeremiah 2:7


I brought you 1  into a fertile land so you could enjoy 2  its fruits and its rich bounty. But when you entered my land, you defiled it; 3  you made the land I call my own 4  loathsome to me.


Le 18:24-28; Nu 13:27; Nu 14:7,8; Nu 35:33,34; De 6:10,11,18; De 8:7-9; De 11:11,12; De 21:23; Ne 9:25; Ps 78:58,59; Ps 106:38,39; Jer 3:1,9; Jer 16:18; Eze 20:6; Eze 36:17; Mic 2:10

NET © Notes

sn Note how contemporary Israel is again identified with her early ancestors. See the study note on 2:2.

tn Heb “eat.”

sn I.e., made it ceremonially unclean. See Lev 18:19-30; Num 35:34; Deut 21:23.

tn Heb “my inheritance.” Or “the land [i.e., inheritance] I gave you,” reading the pronoun as indicating source rather than possession. The parallelism and the common use in Jeremiah of the term to refer to the land or people as the Lord’s (e.g., 12:7, 8, 9; 16:18; 50:11) make the possessive use more likely here.

sn The land belonged to the Lord; it was given to the Israelites in trust (or usufruct) as their heritage. See Lev 25:23.

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