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Jeremiah 17:17


Do not cause me dismay! 1  You are my source of safety in times of trouble.


Job 31:23; Ps 41:1; Ps 59:16; Ps 77:2-9; Ps 88:15,16; Jer 16:19; Jer 17:7,13; Na 1:7; Eph 6:13

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tn Heb “do not be a source of dismay for me.” For this nuance of מְחִתָּה (mÿkhittah) rather than “terror” as many of the English versions have it see BDB 370 s.v. מְחִתָּה 1.b and the usage in Prov 21:15. Compare also the usage of the related verb which occurs in the next verse (see also BDB 369 s.v. חָתַת Qal.2).

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