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Jeremiah 17:14


Lord, grant me relief from my suffering so that I may have some relief. Rescue me from those who persecute me so that I may be rescued. 1 


De 10:21; De 32:39; Ps 6:2,4; Ps 12:4; Ps 60:5; Ps 106:47; Ps 109:1; Ps 148:14; Isa 6:10; Isa 57:18,19; Jer 15:20; Jer 31:18; Mt 8:25; Mt 14:30; Lu 4:18

NET © Notes

tn The translation fills in the details of the metaphor from a preceding context (15:18) and from the following context (17:18). The literal translation “Heal me and I will be healed. Rescue me and I will be rescued.” does not make much sense if these details are not filled in. The metaphor is filled in for clarity for the average reader.

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