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Jeremiah 16:16


But for now I, the Lord, say: 1  “I will send many enemies who will catch these people like fishermen. After that I will send others who will hunt them out like hunters from all the mountains, all the hills, and the crevices in the rocks. 2 


Ge 10:9; 1Sa 24:11; 1Sa 26:20; Isa 24:17,18; Jer 25:9; Am 4:2; Am 5:19; Am 9:1-3; Mic 7:2; Hab 1:14,15; Lu 17:34-37; Re 6:15-17

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tn Heb “Oracle of the Lord.” The Lord has been speaking; the first person has been utilized in translation to avoid a shift which might create confusion.

tn Heb “Behold I am about to send for many fishermen and they will catch them. And after that I will send for many hunters and they will hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and from the cracks in the rocks.”

sn The picture of rounding up the population for destruction and exile is also seen in Amos 4:2 and Hab 1:14-17.

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