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Jeremiah 12:8


The people I call my own 1  have turned on me like a lion 2  in the forest. They have roared defiantly 3  at me. So I will treat them as though I hate them. 4 


Jer 2:15; Jer 51:38; Ho 9:15; Am 6:8; Zec 11:8

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tn See the note on the previous verse.

tn Heb “have become to me like a lion.”

tn Heb “have given against me with her voice.”

tn Or “so I will reject her.” The word “hate” is sometimes used in a figurative way to refer to being neglected, i.e., treated as though unloved. In these contexts it does not have the same emotive connotations that a typical modern reader would associate with hate. See Gen 29:31, 33 and E. W. Bullinger, Figures of Speech, 556.

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