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Jeremiah 1:16


In this way 1  I will pass sentence 2  on the people of Jerusalem and Judah 3  because of all their wickedness. For they rejected me and offered sacrifices to other gods, worshiping what they made with their own hands.” 4 


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tn The Hebrew particle (the vav [ו] consecutive), which is often rendered in some English versions as “and” and in others is simply left untranslated, is rendered here epexegetically, reflecting a summary statement.

sn The Hebrew idiom (literally “I will speak my judgments against”) is found three other times in Jeremiah (4:12; 39:5; 52:9), where it is followed by the carrying out of the sentence. Here the carrying out of the sentence precedes in v. 15.

tn Heb “on them.” The antecedent goes back to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah (i.e., the people in them) in v. 15.

tn I.e., idols.

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