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Judges 4:4


Now Deborah, a prophetess, 1  wife of Lappidoth, was 2  leading 3  Israel at that time.


Ex 15:20; 2Ki 22:14; Ne 6:14; Joe 2:28,29; Mic 6:4; Lu 2:36; Ac 21:9; 1Co 11:5; Ga 3:28

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tn Heb “ a woman, a prophetess.” In Hebrew idiom the generic “woman” sometimes precedes the more specific designation. See GKC 437-38 §135.b.

tn Heb “she was.” The pronoun refers back to the nominative absolute “Deborah.” Hebrew style sometimes employs such resumptive pronouns when lengthy qualifiers separate the subject from the verb.

tn Or “judging.”

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