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Judges 18:9


They said, “Come on, let’s attack them, 1  for 2  we saw their land and it is very good. You seem lethargic, 3  but don’t hesitate 4  to invade and conquer 5  the land.


Nu 13:30; Nu 14:7-9; Jos 2:23,24; Jos 18:3; 1Sa 4:9; 2Sa 10:12; 1Ki 22:23; Joh 6:27; Heb 6:11,12; 2Pe 1:10,11

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tn Heb “Arise, and let us go up against them.”

tc Codex Alexandrinus (A) of the LXX adds “we entered and walked around in the land as far as Laish and.”

tn Heb “But you are inactive.”

tn Or “be lazy.”

tn Heb “to go”; “to enter”; “to possess.”

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