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Isaiah 9:7


His dominion will be vast 1  and he will bring immeasurable prosperity. 2  He will rule on David’s throne and over David’s kingdom, 3  establishing it 4  and strengthening it by promoting justice and fairness, 5  from this time forward and forevermore. The Lord’s intense devotion to his people 6  will accomplish this.


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NET © Notes

tc The Hebrew text has לְםַרְבֵּה (lÿmarbeh), which is a corrupt reading. לם is dittographic; note the preceding word, שָׁלוֹם (shalom). The corrected text reads literally, “great is the dominion.”

tn Heb “and to peace there will be no end” (KJV and ASV both similar). On the political and socio-economic sense of שָׁלוֹם (shalom) in this context, see the note at v. 6 on “Prince of Peace.”

tn Heb “over the throne of David, and over his kingdom.” The referent of the pronoun “his” (i.e., David) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn The feminine singular pronominal suffix on this form and the following one (translated “it” both times) refers back to the grammatically feminine noun “kingdom.”

tn Heb “with/by justice and fairness”; ASV “with justice and with righteousness.”

tn Heb “the zeal of the Lord.” In this context the Lord’s “zeal” refers to his intense devotion to and love for his people which prompts him to vindicate them and to fulfill his promises to David and the nation.

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