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Isaiah 66:20


They will bring back all your countrymen 1  from all the nations as an offering to the Lord. They will bring them 2  on horses, in chariots, in wagons, on mules, and on camels 3  to my holy hill Jerusalem,” says the Lord, “just as the Israelites bring offerings to the Lord’s temple in ritually pure containers.


Isa 11:9; Isa 43:6; Isa 49:12-26; Isa 54:3; Isa 56:7; Isa 60:3-14; Isa 60:9; Isa 65:11,25; Ro 12:1,2; Ro 15:16; Php 2:17; 1Pe 2:5

NET © Notes

tn Heb “brothers” (so NIV); NCV “fellow Israelites.”

tn The words “they will bring them” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

tn The precise meaning of this word is uncertain. Some suggest it refers to “chariots.” See HALOT 498 s.v. *כִּרְכָּרָה.

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