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Isaiah 49:5


So now the Lord says, the one who formed me from birth 1  to be his servant – he did this 2  to restore Jacob to himself, so that Israel might be gathered to him; and I will be honored 3  in the Lord’s sight, for my God is my source of strength 4 


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tn Heb “from the womb” (so KJV, NASB).

tn The words “he did this” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons. In the Hebrew text the infinitive construct of purpose is subordinated to the previous statement.

tn The vav (ו) + imperfect is translated here as a result clause; one might interpret it as indicating purpose, “and so I might be honored.”

tn Heb “and my God is [perhaps, “having been”] my strength.” The disjunctive structure (vav [ו] + subject + verb) is interpreted here as indicating a causal circumstantial clause.

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