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Isaiah 46:8


Remember this, so you can be brave! 1  Think about it, you rebels! 2 


De 32:29; Ps 115:8; Ps 135:18; Isa 44:18-21; Isa 47:7; Jer 10:8; Eze 18:28; Hag 1:5,7; Lu 15:17; 1Co 14:20; Eph 5:14

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tn The meaning of the verb אָשַׁשׁ (’ashash, which appears here in the Hitpolel stem) is uncertain. BDB 84 s.v. אשׁשׁ relates it to a root meaning “found, establish” in Arabic; HALOT 100 s.v. II אשׁשׁ gives the meaning “pluck up courage.” The imperative with vav (ו) may indicate purpose following the preceding imperative.

tn Heb “return [it], rebels, to heart”; NRSV “recall it to mind, you transgressors.”

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