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Isaiah 46:6


Those who empty out gold from a purse and weigh out silver on the scale 1  hire a metalsmith, who makes it into a god. They then bow down and worship it.


Ex 32:2-4; Jud 17:3,4; 1Ki 12:28; Isa 2:8; Isa 40:19,20; Isa 41:6,7; Isa 44:12-19; Isa 44:17; Isa 45:20; Jer 10:3,4,9,14; Da 3:5-15; Ho 8:4-6; Hab 2:18-20; Ac 17:29

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tn Heb “the reed,” probably referring to the beam of a scales. See BDB 889 s.v. קָנֶה 4.c.

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