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Isaiah 45:8


O sky, rain down from above! Let the clouds send down showers 1  of deliverance! Let the earth absorb it 2  so salvation may grow, 3  and deliverance may sprout up 4  along with it. I, the Lord, create it. 5 


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “let the clouds drip with”; KJV “let the skies pour down.”

tn Heb “open up” (so NASB); NIV, NLT “open wide.”

tc The plural verb should be emended to a singular form. The vav (ו) ending is probably virtually dittographic (note the yod at the beginning of the following word).

tc The Hiphil verb form (תַצְמִיחַ, tatsmiakh) should probably be emended to a Qal (תִצְמַח, titsmakh). The יח sequence at the end of the form is probably due to dittography (note the following יַחַד, yakhad).

tn The masculine singular pronominal suffix probably refers back to יָשַׁע (yasha’, “salvation”).

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