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Isaiah 44:5


One will say, ‘I belong to the Lord,’ and another will use 1  the name ‘Jacob.’ One will write on his hand, ‘The Lord’s,’ and use the name ‘Israel.’” 2 


De 26:17-19; Ne 9:38; Ne 10:1-29; Ps 116:16; Jer 50:5; Mic 4:2; Zec 8:20-23; Zec 13:9; 2Co 8:5; Ga 6:16; 1Pe 2:9

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tn The Hebrew text has a Qal verb form, “and another will call by the name of Jacob.” With support from Symmachus (an ancient Greek textual witness), some read the Niphal, “and another will be called by the name of Jacob.”

tn Heb “and by the name of Israel he will title.” Some, with support from several ancient versions, prefer to change the Piel (active) verb form to a Pual (passive), “and he will be titled by the name of Israel.”

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