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Isaiah 43:17


the one who led chariots and horses to destruction, 1  together with a mighty army. They fell down, 2  never to rise again; they were extinguished, put out like a burning wick:


Ex 14:4-9,23-28; Ex 15:4; Ps 46:8,9; Ps 76:5,6; Isa 1:31; Isa 14:20-22; Eze 38:8-18; Re 19:17-21; Re 20:8-9

NET © Notes

tn Heb “led out chariots and horses.” The words “to destruction” are supplied in the translation for clarification. The verse refers to the destruction of the Egyptians at the Red Sea.

tn Heb “lay down”; NAB “lie prostrate together”; CEV “lie dead”; NRSV “they lie down.”

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