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Isaiah 34:14


Wild animals and wild dogs will congregate there; 1  wild goats will bleat to one another. 2  Yes, nocturnal animals 3  will rest there and make for themselves a nest. 4 


Isa 13:21; Isa 13:22

NET © Notes

tn Heb “will meet” (so NIV); NLT “will mingle there.”

tn Heb “and a goat will call to its neighbor.”

tn The precise meaning of לִּילִית (lilit) is unclear, though in this context the word certainly refers to some type of wild animal or bird. The word appears to be related to לַיְלָה (laylah, “night”). Some interpret it as the name of a female night demon, on the basis of an apparent Akkadian cognate used as the name of a demon. Later Jewish legends also identified Lilith as a demon. Cf. NRSV “Lilith.”

tn Heb “and will find for themselves a resting place.”

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