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Isaiah 34:13


Her fortresses will be overgrown with thorns; thickets and weeds will grow 1  in her fortified cities. Jackals will settle there; ostriches will live there. 2 


Isa 13:21,22; Isa 32:13,14; Isa 35:7; Jer 9:11; Jer 10:22; Jer 49:33; Jer 50:39,40; Jer 51:37; Ho 9:6; Zep 2:9; Mal 1:3; Re 18:2,20-24

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tn The words “will grow” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

tc Heb “and she will be a settlement for wild dogs, a dwelling place for ostriches.” The translation assumes an emendation of חָצִיר (khatsir, “grass”) to חָצֵר (khatser, “settlement”). One of the Qumran scrolls of Isaiah (1QIsaa) supports this emendation (cf. HALOT 344 s.v. II חָצִיר)

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