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Isaiah 33:8


Highways are empty, 1  there are no travelers. 2  Treaties are broken, 3  witnesses are despised, 4  human life is treated with disrespect. 5 


Jud 5:6; 1Sa 17:10,26; 2Ki 18:13; 2Ki 18:14-17; 2Ki 18:20,21; Ps 10:5; Isa 10:9-11; Isa 10:13,14; Isa 10:29-31; Isa 36:1; La 1:4; Lu 18:2-4

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tn Or “desolate” (NAB, NASB); NIV, NRSV, NLT “deserted.”

tn Heb “the one passing by on the road ceases.”

tn Heb “one breaks a treaty”; NAB “Covenants are broken.”

tc The Hebrew text reads literally, “he despises cities.” The term עָרִים (’arim, “cities”) is probably a corruption of an original עֵדִים (’edim, “[legal] witnesses”), a reading that is preserved in the Qumran scroll 1QIsaa. Confusion of dalet (ד) and resh (ר) is a well-attested scribal error.

tn Heb “he does not regard human beings.”

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