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Isaiah 33:23


Though at this time your ropes are slack, 1  the mast is not secured, 2  and the sail 3  is not unfurled, at that time you will divide up a great quantity of loot; 4  even the lame will drag off plunder. 5 


1Sa 30:10,22-24; 2Ki 7:8; 2Ch 20:25; Ps 68:12; Isa 33:1,4; Isa 33:21; Eze 27:26-34; Ac 27:19,30-32,40,41; 1Co 1:27

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tn The words “though at this time” are supplied in the translation for clarification. The first half of the verse is addressed to Judah and contrasts the nation’s present weakness with its future prosperity. Judah is compared to a ship that is incapable of sailing.

tn Heb “they do not fasten the base of their mast.” On כֵּן (ken, “base”) see BDB 487 s.v. III כֵּן and HALOT 483 s.v. III כֵּן.

tn Or perhaps, “flag.”

tn Heb “then there will be divided up loot of plunder [in] abundance.”

sn Judah’s victory over its enemies will be so thorough there will be more than enough plunder for everyone, even slow-moving lame men who would normally get left out in the rush to gather the loot.

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