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Isaiah 31:9


They will surrender their stronghold 1  because of fear; 2  their officers will be afraid of the Lord’s battle flag.” 3  This is what the Lord says – the one whose fire is in Zion, whose firepot is in Jerusalem. 4 


Le 6:13; Isa 4:4; Isa 11:10; Isa 18:3; Isa 29:6; Eze 22:18-22; Zec 2:5; Mal 4:1

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tn Heb “rocky cliff” (cf. ASV, NASB “rock”), viewed metaphorically as a place of defense and security.

tn Heb “His rocky cliff, because of fear, will pass away [i.e., “perish”].”

tn Heb “and they will be afraid of the flag, his officers.”

sn The “fire” and “firepot” here symbolize divine judgment, which is heating up like a fire in Jerusalem, waiting to be used against the Assyrians when they attack the city.

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