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Isaiah 30:20


The sovereign master 1  will give you distress to eat and suffering to drink; 2  but your teachers will no longer be hidden; your eyes will see them. 3 


De 16:3; 1Ki 22:27; 2Ch 18:26; Ps 30:5; Ps 74:9; Ps 80:5; Ps 102:9; Ps 127:2; Eze 4:13-17; Eze 24:22,23; Am 8:11,12; Mt 9:38; Ac 14:22; Eph 4:11

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tn The Hebrew term translated “sovereign master” here is אֲדֹנָי (’adonai).

tn Heb “and the Master will give to you bread – distress, and water – oppression.”

tn Heb “but your teachers will no longer be hidden, your eyes will be seeing your teachers.” The translation assumes that the form מוֹרֶיךָ (morekha) is a plural participle, referring to spiritual leaders such as prophets and priests. Another possibility is that the form is actually singular (see GKC 273-74 § or a plural of respect, referring to God as the master teacher. See HALOT 560-61 s.v. III מוֹרֶה. For discussion of the views, see J. N. Oswalt, Isaiah (NICOT), 1:560.

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