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Isaiah 25:5


like heat 1  in a dry land, you humble the boasting foreigners. 2  Just as the shadow of a cloud causes the heat to subside, 3  so he causes the song of tyrants to cease. 4 


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NET © Notes

tn Or “drought” (TEV).

tn Heb “the tumult of foreigners.”

tn Heb “[like] heat in the shadow of a cloud.”

tn The translation assumes that the verb יַעֲנֶה (yaaneh) is a Hiphil imperfect from עָנָה (’anah, “be afflicted, humiliated”). In this context with “song” as object it means to “quiet” (see HALOT 853-54 s.v. II ענה). Some prefer to emend the form to the second person singular, so that it will agree with the second person verb earlier in the verse. BDB 776 s.v. III עָנָה Qal.1 understands the form as Qal, with “song” as subject, in which case one might translate “the song of tyrants will be silent.” An emendation of the form to a Niphal (יֵעָנֶה, yeaneh) would yield the same translation.

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