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Isaiah 23:11


The Lord stretched out his hand over the sea, 1  he shook kingdoms; he 2  gave the order to destroy Canaan’s fortresses. 3 


Ge 9:25; Ge 10:15-19; Ex 15:8-10; Ps 46:6; Ps 71:3; Isa 2:19; Isa 10:6; Isa 14:16,17; Isa 23:3; Jer 47:7; Eze 26:10,15-19; Eze 27:34,35; Eze 31:16; Ho 12:7,8; Na 1:14; Hag 2:7; Zec 9:3,4; Zec 14:21; Mr 11:17; Joh 2:16

NET © Notes

tn Heb “his hand he stretched out over the sea.”

tn Heb “the Lord.” For stylistic reasons the pronoun (“he”) has been used in the translation here.

tn Heb “concerning Canaan, to destroy her fortresses.” NIV, NLT translate “Canaan” as “Phoenicia” here.

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