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Isaiah 22:4


So I say: “Don’t look at me! 1  I am weeping bitterly. Don’t try 2  to console me concerning the destruction of my defenseless people.” 3 


Ru 1:20,21; Ps 77:2; Isa 33:7; Jer 4:19; Jer 6:26; Jer 8:18; Jer 9:1; Jer 13:17; Jer 31:15; Mic 1:8; Mt 2:18; Mt 26:75; Lu 1:2

NET © Notes

tn Heb “look away from me” (so KJV, ASV, NRSV).

tn Heb “don’t hurry” (so NCV).

tn Heb “the daughter of my people.” “Daughter” is here used metaphorically to express the speaker’s emotional attachment to his people, as well as their vulnerability and weakness.

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