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Isaiah 2:16


for all the large ships, 1  for all the impressive 2  ships. 3 


Nu 33:52; 1Ki 10:22; 1Ki 22:48,49; Ps 47:7; Isa 23:1; Re 18:11; Re 18:17-19

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tn Heb “the ships of Tarshish.” This probably refers to large ships either made in or capable of traveling to the distant western port of Tarshish.

tn Heb “desirable”; NAB, NIV “stately”; NRSV “beautiful.”

tn On the meaning of this word, which appears only here in the Hebrew Bible, see H. R. Cohen, Biblical Hapax Legomena (SBLDS), 41-42.

sn The ships mentioned in this verse were the best of their class, and therefore an apt metaphor for the proud men being denounced in this speech.

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