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Isaiah 19:15


Egypt will not be able to do a thing, head or tail, shoots and stalk. 1 


Ps 128:2; Pr 14:23; Isa 9:14,15; Hab 3:17; Hag 1:11; 1Th 4:11,12

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tn Heb “And there will not be for Egypt a deed, which head and tail, shoot and stalk can do.” In 9:14-15 the phrase “head or tail” refers to leaders and prophets, respectively. This interpretation makes good sense in this context, where both leaders and advisers (probably including prophets and diviners) are mentioned (vv. 11-14). Here, as in 9:14, “shoots and stalk” picture a reed, which symbolizes the leadership of the nation in its entirety.

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