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Isaiah 14:30


The poor will graze in my pastures; 1  the needy will rest securely. But I will kill your root by famine; it will put to death all your survivors. 2 


Job 18:13; Isa 5:17; Isa 7:21,22; Isa 30:23,24; Isa 33:16; Isa 37:30; Isa 65:13,14; Jer 47:1-7; Eze 25:15-17; Joe 3:4-8; Am 1:6-8; Zep 2:4-7; Zec 9:5-7

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tc The Hebrew text has, “the firstborn of the poor will graze.” “Firstborn” may be used here in an idiomatic sense to indicate the very poorest of the poor. See BDB 114 s.v. בְּכוֹר. The translation above assumes an emendation of בְּכוֹרֵי (bÿkhorey, “firstborn of”) to בְּכָרַי (bekharay, “in my pastures”).

tn Heb “your remnant” (so NAB, NRSV).

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