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Isaiah 13:5


They come from a distant land, from the horizon. 1  It is the Lord with his instruments of judgment, 2  coming to destroy the whole earth. 3 


Isa 13:17; Jer 50:3,9; Jer 51:11,27,28; Jer 51:20-46; Mt 24:31

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tn Heb “from the end of the sky.”

tn Or “anger”; cf. KJV, ASV “the weapons of his indignation.”

tn Or perhaps, “land” (so KJV, NAB, NASB, NLT). Even though the heading and subsequent context (see v. 17) indicate Babylon’s judgment is in view, the chapter has a cosmic flavor that suggests that the coming judgment is universal in scope. Perhaps Babylon’s downfall occurs in conjunction with a wider judgment, or the cosmic style is poetic hyperbole used to emphasize the magnitude and importance of the coming event.

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