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Hosea 9:11


Ephraim will be like a bird; what they value 1  will fly away. They will not bear children – they will not enjoy pregnancy – they will not even conceive! 2 


Ge 41:52; Ge 48:16-20; Ge 49:22; De 28:18,57; De 33:17; Job 18:5,18,19; Ps 58:8; Ec 6:3; Ho 9:14; Am 1:13; Lu 23:29

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tn Heb “their glory” (so NASB); TEV “Israel’s greateness.”

tn Heb “no childbearing, no pregnancy, no conception.” The preposition מִן (min) prefixed to the three parallel nouns functions in a privative sense, indicating deprivation (BDB 583 s.v. מִן 7).

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